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Location of Project:

City Of Mongomo

Total Covered Area:

2,800 SQM

Type Of Building:



Government Of Guinea Equatorial

Started Date:


Completion Date:



It is the construction work of the Public Treasury with a built area of 2,800 SQM, said area is distributed as follows:
1- Basement Floor with area of 456 SQM, 2- Ground Floor with area of 778 SQM
3- First Floor 778 SQM
4- Second Floor 778 SQM

1- Being distributed in three reception rooms, three waiting rooms, 15 male and female toilets, both public and private, 35 offices, three meeting rooms.
2- The exterior facades retain the marble cladding while the interiors and partitions are clad in cement mortar on which an enamel paint has been imposed.
3- The ground floor is covered with marble while the upper floors The ceramic tiles are preserved.
4- The basement is lined with reinforced concrete as it serves as a garage.
5- The false ceiling on all floors is built with Gypsum Board With Paint and 60x60cm Gypsum Tiles .
6- Including the 400 ml perimeter fence, the urbanization with gardens, 1,600 m2 parking, furniture for all offices and the two generators

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