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Location of Project:

City Of Bata

Type Of Building:


Total Covered Area:

2,630 SQM


Government Of Guinea Equatorial

Started Date:


Completion Date:


Industry And Energy Deligation

a- The built-up area is 2,630 m2; which is comprised between the two floors that make up the building in question and two other annexes.
b- The building is made up of two blocks and each one consists of two ordinary rooms for the Administration and one floor for Technical Services.
c- The building has a rectangular and square geometric distribution, it is composed
of 44 offices, 4 reception rooms, 13 toilets, both public and private, and 2 bathrooms.
d- The work has a modern, emblematic and attractive architecture in the place where it has been built.
e- Including the 350 ml perimeter fence, the urbanization with gardens, 2,200 m2 parking, furniture for all offices and the two generators

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