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Location of Project:

City Of Malabo

Type Of Building:


Total Covered Area:

4,500 SQM


Government Of Guinea Equatorial

Started Date:


Completion Date:

Under Construction

Industry And Energy Deligation

The main functions of the culture and tourism delegation are to formulate and implement strategies for the cultural and tourism promotion of the country to all its citizens; Thus promoting the strengthening of cultural identity and opening spaces for the participation of all cultures that currently coexist in Equatorial Guinea.
The new headquarters of the delegation of culture and tourism of the city of Bata, proposes a building with avant-garde design; Understand that its model and distribution adapt to the needs of users who will enjoy safe, comfortable and modern workplace facilities.
The building consists of seven floors, including two underground floors for parking and some services Ground floor for reception, information, security, guarding and services From the first to the fourth floor, it consists of employee offices, meeting rooms, show- rooms, minister offices and heads of departments.

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