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Project details.

Location of Project:

City Of Ebebiyin

Total Covered Area:

21,150 SQM

Type Of Building:

Hospital Complex


Government Of Guinea Equatorial & Lebanese Consulate

Started Date:


Completion Date:


Hospital Complex

The project has a total area of 21,150 M2. Being the maximum capacity of
200 admitted patients.
This project houses the premises of the General Hospital of Peace in the city of EBEBIYIN. Whose mission is to contribute to improving the quality of life of our users through the granting of health benefits, with an emphasis on the comprehensive quality of these, where technical excellence translates into excellence in treatment, with opportunity and efficiency.

This project is radically committed to an accessible and healthy architecture in all aspects. In the literal sense, it is for its own usefulness, but it must also be so with respect to the perceptual and cultural territory of the citizens.
This project is divided into several buildings that we will name below, to later explain in detail.

General Hospital 11,430 m2
Hotel 2,826 m2
Pharmacy 156 m2
Logistics 1,215 m2 Apartment Building 1,980 m2 Dorms Building 1,955 m2
Entertainment Center 488 m2 Annexes – Facilities Room 1,100 m2

a- GENERAL HOSPITAL (Ground + 8 Floor).

1- Capacity of 200 beds.
2- Emergencies: These specialties offer Urgent Care, Medical Surgical Hospitalization and General
Hospitalization services.
3- Support Units, divided as follows:

I- Emergency Rooms.
II- Examination rooms.
III- Laboratory room.
IV- X-ray room and ultrasound room.
V- An Operating Area, equipped with: Examination rooms and Operating Rooms and a Postoperative Care room.

VI- Patient care. Consultation room. b- HOTEL (Ground + 4 Floors)

In order to offer a resting place for the relatives and friends of the patients, there will be a hotel with 32 rooms + 4 suites with two rooms each.


I- GROUND FLOOR LEVEL Having The Following: – Lobby, hall, staircase and an elevator, Reception Lounges ,Toilets, Restaurant
II- FIRST TO FOURTH FLOOR Having The Following:- Lobby, hall, staircase and an elevator, Facility room, Bedrooms. Each floor has 8 rooms with bathroom + a suite with two rooms, living roomand bathroom.

c- PHARMACY (Ground Floor).
Intended for the sale of medicines, it has a control office, kitchen and rest area for employees, sales area, warehouse and general article display area.
This building houses the auxiliary services for the hospital. Such as: Food preparation area. Storage of medical supplies, Offices for those in charge of maintenance, Communi- cation center. Toilets , Warehouses in general.
e- APARTMENT BUILDING (Ground + 2 Floor2 Buildings).
TYPICAL FLOORS: Lobby, hall, staircase, Each floor has 4 apartments, each Apartment has two bedrooms, bathroom, living and dining room, kitchen and terrace.
f- DORMS BUILDING (Ground + 2 Floor x 2 Buildings).
TYPICAL FLOORS : Lobby, hall, staircase, Each floor has 9 Studio Flat , each Studio equipped with a kitchenette, bathroom and living room – bedroom
g- AMUSEMENT CENTER (Ground + 1 Floor).
Space enabled for recreation and rest for medical personnel.
1- GROUND FLOOR LEVEL : Having Porch, Lobby, hall, staircase, Amusement room , Kitchen With
access to the amusement room and access from the outside, Office, Computer room, Toilets
2- FIRST FLOOR: Having Lobby, hall, staircase, Game room, Multipurpose room, Ware- houses
h- In addition to what is described above, the project has a MECHANICAL ROOM, for control and maintenance of the facilities. As well as a PLAYGROUND for the staff. In addition to the green areas , sidewalks , roads , yards and car parking for 250 car of the entire enclosure, along with 6 guard rooms and boundary wall around the project

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