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Project details.

Location of Project:

City Of Bata

Total Covered Area:

3,600 SQM

Type Of Building:

Court Complex


Government Of Guinea Equatorial

Started Date:


Completion Date:


Central Market

A- GENERALITIES: The building has a square geometric shape and the main facade is oriented to the Clock Tower; It has an inclined strip with respect to the central axis of the building and is made up of 157 stores, which will be used for commercial activities. It also has restaurants, offices and toilets on each floor, and four escalators for communications between the premises.

It is the construction work of the Central Market Of BATA with a built area 13,169 SQM, said area is distributed as follows:
1- Ground floor 3,585 SQM
2- First floor 3,376 SQM
3- Second floor 3,559 SQM
4- Third floor 2,649 SQM

C- Technical:
1- The work has a modern architecture, it is emblematic and attractive in the place where it was built.
2- The building is structural, but the enclosures, both walls and partitions, are made of hollow blocks
of 20 and 15 cm, respectively.
3- The exterior facades are lined with marble, while the internal walls and partitions are lined with
cement mortar, on which there is a high-quality decorative enamel paint.
4- As for the tiling, the ground floor is covered with marble, while the other floors are withgood quality tiles and ceramic.
5- The ceiling throughout the building is made of plaster and with moldings and decorative fragments.
6- The roof is flat and transparent provided with sufficient slopes for the evacuation of rainwater. 7- Regarding the facilities, the building has the following: Drinking water supply, sewage and rainwater evacuation network, electricity, telephone, air conditioners.
8- According to the Cabinet report, which certifies that the commission inspected the work in question
in its entirety, it has been verified that it has indeed been executed in accordance with the projects prepared in this regard, and that the quality and finishes are optimal.

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